Producing legitimacy: governance against the odds

University of Cambridge, 22-23 april 2013

Monday 22nd April

1pm Registration, tea and coffee

1.30-1.45 Welcome

Alice Wilson / Alex Jeffrey/ Fiona McConnell


Panel I: Unrecognised states

Chair: Alice Wilson


Nina Caspersen (University of York): ‘The Pursuit of Legitimacy: Unrecognised States and their Evolving Claims for Recognition

Scott Pegg (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis): ‘Survival without Recognition? Somaliland and the Long-Term Viability of Indeterminate Status’

James Roslington (University of Cambridge): ‘Unrecognised states in the interwar world’

3.15-3.30 Coffee/ tea Break


Panel II: Insurgency and government formation

Chair: Alex Jeffrey

Glen Rangwala (University of Cambridge) ‘The creation of governments-in-waiting: the Arab Uprisings and legitimacy in the international system’

Åshild Kolås (Peace Research Institute Oslo): ‘Legitimacy, militancy and sovereignty contestations in Northeast India’

Sarah Byrne and Bart Klem (University of Zurich): ‘Constructing legitimacy in post-war transition: The return of ‘normal’ politics in Nepal and Sri Lanka’


Keynote address

Ilana Feldman (George Washington University)

‘Humanitarian Governance: A worm’s-eye view’

Tuesday 23rd April


Panel III: Violence and repair

Chair: Ilana Feldman

Alessandro Monsutti (The Graduate Institute, Geneva): ‘Fuzzy Sovereignty and Transnational Governmentality in Afghanistan’

Zuzana Hrdličková (Goldsmiths, University of London): ‘Concrete Governance: Shelters and Legitimacy’

Alex Jeffrey (University of Cambridge): ‘Cultivating Legal Legitimacy after War: What Role for Civil Society?’

10.30-11.00 Coffee/tea Break


Panel IV: Political leadership and democracy

Chair: Scott Pegg

Gyda Sindre (University of Bergen): ‘Insurgency transformed: Building legitimacy in the democratic era. The case of the Free Aceh Movement’

Olga Sicilia (University of Vienna): ‘Crisis of legitimacy? Chiefs, lineage politics and local government authorities in Northern Zimbabwe’

Fiona McConnell (Newcastle University): ‘Constructing legitimacy, contesting futures: the governance practices of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile’

12.30-1.30 Lunch


Panel V: Resources and redistribution

Chair: Fiona McConnell

Peter Larsen (University of Oxford/ University of Lucerne): ‘Extractive industries, statehood and legitimacy building at the frontier: evidence from the Peruvian Amazon’

Miriam Bishokarma (University of Zurich): ‘“There is one rule here: the ruling party rules” Gaining legitimacy through the appropriation of development funds’

Alice Wilson (University of Cambridge): ‘Dilemmas of redistribution and legitimacy in an aid-dependent government-in-exile’

3.00-3.15 Coffee/tea Break


Roundtable Discussion

Christopher Clapham (University of Cambridge)

Scott Pegg (Indiana University)

Ilana Feldman (George Washington University)

Nina Caspersen (University of York)

4.00-4.15 Closing statement

Alice Wilson / Alex Jeffrey/ Fiona McConnell


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